About Us

Attollo Art is founded to curate spaces which grant artists freedom of experimentation, showcasing original concepts and communication in contemporary art, regardless of location, medium, or venue.


In partnership with the public and private sector, some of our most recent projects include Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend, The Marrakech Biennale 6th Edition, BritWeek LA, The Croydon Mural Project, The Exhibitionist Hotel in South Kensington, Fine Art Sails and a pioneering  AirBnB Gallery offering art spaces and place-making opportunities for emerging artists. 

In 2017 we launched Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend with a public consultation. Now in its third edition, in 2020 we will be extending the Art Weekend to a week from 26 June to 5 July. A new Public Trail Committee will be established to further extend the art in the public realm with a major focus on local artists.

The launch of the Exhibitionist Hotel curatorial project has exceeded all expectations, delivering growing customer value and increased business revenue through evolving creative process and installations in the hotel’s luxury suites and art corridors. The programme also includes a series of public debates hosted by leading contemporaries in art, design, architecture and space planning. 


The founder Vestalia Chilton quotes "when artistic experimentation supersedes currency to hold the reins of priority, contemporary issues on social, political, and cultural levels encourage audience participation and invite viewers to re-think their definitions of the arts".


7 - 10 Queensberry Place





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