Filip Perkon, the General Producer of the Russian Film Week festival is inviting fans of film, art and culture to a preview of his unique collection of posters of Russian films that have screened in the UK over the last few decades. 

The event was accompanied by a drinks reception and a talk by the collector.

Many of the directors, producers and actors attending the festival joined us at The Exhibitionist Hotel to attend this friendly poster exhbition.


Ever-evolving technologies, dependence on global social networks, the development of AI are all but questioning the notion what it is left to be human. The virtual reality mask we wear on Facebook or Instagram, the idea that everything is interconnected, drones of crowds are tweeting, shouting hard opinions - the voices of the virtual word are drowning the natural.

With their artwork as a backdrop, each artist has designed two pieces of street wear for fashion brand PADB and a customized mannequin to reflect the theme of </EXMACHINA>/:. The street wear collection will go on view for the first time on 2 March 2017 with public vote for the best design securing a padb line for the winner.    



9.07.2015  |  LONdon seen RONNIE WOOD by nathan browning   

London's Music Festival fever is upon us. T-In-The-Park is next in line and just around the corner The Exhibitionist Hotel will host Ronnie Wood never-seen-before pictures of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist shot by his personal friend and photographer Nathan Browning.

The month long exhibition will also see BBC2’s Dragons’ Den winner displaying his ‘Pop Icon’ sculptures that helped him win £80,000 investment from Peter Jones, James Caan and Theo Paphitis in 2008. Sculptures of Elton John, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix and The Spice Girls amongst others will support the headline act of The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood exclusive images.

The Sunday Times   

All In London                               


In Great Britain

The List

19.05.2016  |  HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED   

We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Art of Treason at The Exhibitionist Hotel. The new show 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered' launches on 19 May and includes artists Nettie Wakefield (London), Kelly Blevins (Pittsburgh USA), John Simpson (Brighton), Ian Hodgson (Brighton).

NETTIE WAKEFIELD: Spotted by Damien Hirst and recently invited by Banksy to show her 'Reverse Potraits' at Dismaland. Nettie is currently in LA preparing for her first solo show in 2017.

KELLY BLEVINS: Has been steadily building a UK presence through her provocative but beautifully drawn Art. Kelly will be flying in from the States to sign her limited edition prints on the night. Her first trip abroad!

IAN HODGSON: Winner of 'The finest Drawing Award' in the National Open Art Competition, Ian his best known for his Angels and Mirrorball's and will be releasing an exclusive print for the show especially.

JOHN SIMPSON: Known for his powerful and poetic prints and drawings, John's work has developed a strong International following of collectors including other artists. His work has graced the cover of number 1 selling album 'Falling Empires' by Snow Patrol.

Exhibition Preview from 18:30 - 20:30 on 19 May 2016 and show open the public from 20 May to 17 July 2016.          

The Eving Standard

Absolutely Notting Hill

2 MARCH 2017  |  </EXMACHINA>/: exhibition

otto schade >/: tommy fiendish >/: lolie darko >/: himbad​ >/: padb collection 

SPONTANEOUS BUT NOT CASUAL | motion paintings by felix baudenbacher
15 march  - 14 may 2017
14 march 2017  |  pREVIEW EVENING

08.10.2015  |  The garden of earthly delights   

In time for FRIEZE week The Exhibitionist Hotel is transformed into an interactive, fantastical, sensory experience for the wanderer - namely - ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. A neon Garden of Eden, the hotel is populated by Warhol-esque flowers and neon birds of paradise. The world’s first banana pool table and the ‘never-seen-before’ doughnut pool table are on display. Breaking and playing on the intricate symbolism of the original painting’s panorama of Paradise and Paradise Lost, this self assured collection invites curiosity and wonder. It is a 'walk through' of bold works brought together to engage the senses and provoke, delight, awe, wonder, critique, social and political observation as well as heady unease in a vibrant, holistic and nonjudgemental arrangement - celebrating the shifting mindset of contemporary art and the human condition through material culture.

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Absolutely Notting Hill

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18.10.2016  |  EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING | johnny thornton


Sydney born, Johnny Thornton has enjoyed an extremely high profile in the world of photography for over 40 years. Even the great surrealist Salvador Dali commented on his photographs “magnifico…fantastico”. 

​Johnny has received over a hundred awards for his advertising photographic images including the coveted gold award from the New York Art Directors Club,       six silver awards from Design & Art Direction, London plus many D&AD Annual Inclusions, twenty two awards of excellence from Communication Arts Los Angeles, Creative Circle, Campaign, Photo Graphis, Punch Magazine Awards and the Dutch Art Directors Club. His major exhibitions include worldwide acclaim across London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Bologna and a touring show in the USA.



12.12.2016  |  OLIVIA HODDER at exhibitionist Hotel

From 15 March to 14 May 2017 site-specific installations and ‘motion paintings’, artworks carefully manipulated by almost undetectable light projections, were set up throughout The Exhibitionist Hotel.

"Light/time, architectural space and plaster are the newest expressive elements I’m exploring in my search for moments of visual excitement and wonder, which, when the art is successful, trigger an involuntary, near-physical response that makes one want to look at the work again and again and again - enriched by the experience every time anew” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Felix Baudenbacher

In the last couple of years, Baudenbacher has turned his ambitions to public art by creating a large-scale painting-sculpture such as a metal shipping container during ART Basel. The project with The Exhibitionist Hotel aims to take a similar stance to Baudenbacher’s work, where art in the public domain is the key principle. His canvas and plaster works are installed throughout the lobby of the hotel with light and motion paintings that are in a constant state of evolution, also installed in the main stairwell and the bar.

14.05.2015  |  TRASH CITY by dotmasters  

'TRASH CITY' by Dotmasters challenges our contemporary perception of luxury, status and conscience. In his TRASH series Channel and Gucci brands dripping with spray paint are boldly displayed on a backdrop of bin-bags combined to create a new juxtaposition of aspiration items. With his motto “there is NO subculture ONLY subversion”, the artist invites all of us into the gutter to look at the stars.

Set within a beautifully restored 18th century townhouse originally built for officials of the Royal Family, TRASH CITY is the first art suite to be completed. ATTOLLO is curating public gallery spaces set within the hotel, each a blank canvas for visual artists to experiment and showcase their work.  

BBC Culture                                   

Interview With Dotmasters​​

3D CUTOUTS 12 December 2016 to 4 February 2016

Her Matisse-like cutouts are sculptures inspired by the industrial colours of building sites, cement mixers and B&Q household paint. 

"I am fascinated by the everyday relationship with industrialised colour and how that can be re-contextualised within different environments. My sculptures and 2D collages are both created using everyday, mundane household materials and colours of which I then attempt to reconsider through placing within artistic environments. 

Using scissors and dyed paint papers, or magazine pages, I aim to focus awareness on the progressive industrialised materials and tools used. Throughout my practice I am continually encouraged by Frank Stella's theory "to keep the paint as good as it was in the can."

15.03.2016  |  Transient by nick lewin   

It is rather by chance that our next show at the Exhibitionist Hotel about flowers is sandwiched between Mothers' Day and International Woman's day. But these images offer far more than simply a celebration of beauty.  What gives the series it’s haunting edge is photographer Lewin’s fascination with transience.  For in addition to the untarnished perfection of the new bloom, these images record the first tinges of decay – the earliest intimations of mortality.  In doing so he captures a paradox; fixed by celluloid, the ephemeral – the moment of transition from life to death - is fixed for ever.

Exhibition Preview from 18:30 - 20:30 on 15 March 2016 and show open t the public from 8 March to 12 May 2016.


12.07.2016  |  dotmaster & fashion braND pills and $ bills   

Dotmaster, renowned for his instantly recognizable style of High Class Trash and sell out shows of absolute rubbish in Tokyo, is currently at his annual stint at Glastonbury Festival for the 7th year running. His humour can be found in a twisted set of sideshows and installations appropriately dubbed ‘The Unfairground’, the radical collaboration with Mutoid Waste Company and guest artists such as EINE, Herakut, it is at the cutting edge of festival culture, infused with equal measures of anarchistic spirit, satirical wit and subversive commentary.

​In Portobello Road and away from the muddy fields of Glasto, Dotmaster is happy to let his mischievous “Rude Kids” do all the talking. In his collaboration with street wear label Pills & $ Bills the resulting medley is a prominent mural on outside one of London’s best street art galleries, Graffik Gallery, a solo exhibition and a fashion installation where Pills and $ Bills will release a small selection of garments including hoodies, pants and tees that will be on show for 4 days from the 14th July 2016, with an extended solo show by Dotmaster until the 26th July.

"Rude Kids" Preview party will be held at Graffik Gallery on 14th July 2015 from 18.30 to 20.30. The general public will be able to visit the Pills and $ Bills "Rude Kids" shop and exhibition at Graffik Gallery until 17th July. The Dotmaster solo exhibition by will continue until 26th of July. Contact us to be added to the RSVP.

Photography by Patrica Andrade