Image originally published by George W Bush, image edited by unknown to show Bush painting anti-Trump poster by artist Antony Micallef 

Huntress (Kate) flag size 795 x 933 mm Bleaching technique and dye on vintage denim & cotton applique


8 November  - 31 January 2018
7 November 2017  |  pREVIEW EVENING


14 JUNE  - 30 SEPTEMBER 2017

A fully downloadable poster of 'Trump' on a Marlborough cigarette packet, an artwork created by artist Anthony Micaleff, has gone viral and is used in thousands anti-Trump demonstrations across the globe. 

"Art is a language, and if used in the right way, it can penetrate and say things in a highly emotive way that can be very powerful." says Antony Micallef in his interview with GQ.

This group show explores the notion of Parody as a visual comment on an original work by means of satiric or ironic imitation. The exhibition includes the 'Trump poster' by Antony Micallef, political illustrations by Ralph Steadman among others.

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Felix Baudenbacher takes constructivism and suprematism to the 21st Century by recomposing visual symphonies through colour and digital intervention. From 15 March to 14 May 2017 his show will focus on 'SPONTANEOUS BUT NOT CASUAL' motion paintings and installations throughout the hotel. 

His canvas and paster works are site-specific, carefully manipulated by almost undetectable light projections resulting in a constantly evolving set of tonalities.

motion painting 6

Felix Baundenbacher (2017) 10: Small plaster plates - arrangement of 5 in a cross (greys and yellow), Oil and wax on plaster, approx. 99 x 78 x 3 cm (38 31/32 x 30 45/64 x 1 3/16 inches)

SPONTANEOUS BUT NOT CASUAL | motion paintings by felix baudenbacher

15 march  - 14 may 2017
14 march 2017  |  pREVIEW EVENING

London based artist ENDLESS studied printmaking, graphics and fine art, the skill set that now helps him develop his 'Endless' style, often seen on the streets of cities.

The commentary of the artwork aims at the true representation of our current ad unpredictable, rather chaotic culture. He uses aspects of fashion, advertising and branding overlapped with satire and iconic imagery. The name 'Endless' represents his positivity and 'never give up' attitude towards creativity.

“A response on how I see the world around me, bringing my thoughts and ideas at that moment in time together into a visual release is how I would describe my work.”

As a prolific street artist Endless also works on canvas and other materials, producing diverse exhibitions and street installations.

This exhibition showcasing an array of textile pieces by British artist Pam Glew. Famous for her unique bleaching technique on vintage flags and fabric, antique American quilts, brocade and old jeans that are dyed black and painted freehand with bleach.

Her portraits slowly develop in the layering bleaching process resulting in a ghostly image emerging from the fabric. This will be the first time the artist will be showing her Kimono works to the public.

Glew has shown internationally in 100 group exhibitions and 6 major solo shows and is found in art collections worldwide.​


17 may 2017 - 13 June 2017
16 maY 2017  |  pREVIEW EVENING