“Light/time, architectural space and plaster are the newest expressive elements I’m exploring in my search for moments of visual excitement and wonder, which, when the art is successful, trigger an involuntary, near-physical response that makes one want to look at the work again and again and again - enriched by the experience every time anew” 

Felix Baudenbacher

From 15 March to 14 May 2017 site-specific installations and ‘motion paintings’, artworks carefully manipulated by almost undetectable light projections, will be set throughout The Exhibitionist Hotel.

In the last couple of years, Baudenbacher has turned his ambitions to public art by creating a large-scale painting-sculpture such as a metal shipping container during ART Basel. The project with The Exhibitionist Hotel will aim to take a similar stance to Baudenbacher’s work, where art in the public domain is the key principle. His canvas and plaster works will be installed throughout the lobby of the hotel with light and motion paintings that will be in a constant state of evolution installed in the main stairwell and the bar.

The Exhibitionist Hotel
8-10 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EA

SPONTANEOUS BUT NOT CASUAL | motion paintings by felix baudenbacher

15 march  - 14 may 2017
14 march 2017  |  pREVIEW EVENING

The Exhibitionist Hotel has launched 'The South Kensigton Gallery' also known as 'SK Gallery', an Airbnb-concept hire gallery which can be rented for short periods at student prices. It is a direct response to London’s skyrocketing rental prices where many creatives are being priced out from central London.

The gallery is focused at the no frills approach - a white room fitted with professional spot lighting and picture hanging system set in a popular art-themed boutique Hotel in South Kensington.

Exhibitors benefit from the use of the Hotel bar and lobby area for any private views and the 24 hour concierge. Their exhibitors would be shown alongside the curated bimonthly art programme set throughout the hotel.

The flexi-hire concept was born out of sheer mass of requests for the space in the already busy art calendar at the Hotel to the end of 2017.  

Our art programme is very popular but we are realistic that not all styles of art will suit the concept of the hotel lobby. With a new flexi-gallery we are able to provide a designated space for guest exhibitors independently of our hotel programme, with more opportunity for graduate exhibitors!
The South Kensigton (SK) Gallery’s prices start at £115 per day with minimum bookings of 3 days that cover set up and take down. Exhibitors are not charged any commission on sales.

South kensington gallery launches at exhibitionist Hotel